In 1985 a group of three scientists discovered (by accident) a tiny little carbon-caged ‘soccer ball’ while researching long-chain carbon-nitrogen molecules. Carbon is the most intensely studied of all the elements as it is the basis for all organic forms of life, so to find a unique geometric-shaped molecule of carbon that was previously undiscovered was a huge shock.

 The‘buckyball’ or ‘fullerene’ (as it is now called) has gone on to be researched extensively with some  potentially amazing health results.

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C6O has so far proven scientifically to:

  • Stop nerve cells dying from dehydration or Amyloid Beta plaques. (This is the believed cause of Alzheimers).
  • Extend life span: in a 2012 study, C60 doubled the expected life span in rats.
  • Reduce free radicals: C60 is an incredibly powerful antioxidant, and has shown to be 172 times more potent than Vitamin C.
  • Prevent inflammation.
  • Deactivate mosquito viruses.
  • Prevent stress induced damage on bones, and loss of bone cells.
  • Kill bacteria
  • Prevent UV damage.
  • Reduce tissue damage.
  • Increase muscle endurance.


The anecdotal evidence suggest that people are finding C6O is helping with:

  • Athletic endurance
  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Eyesight
  • Energy
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Acne
  • Illness
  • Neuropathy
  • Reduced muscle fatigue.

What is C60?

Buckminsterfullerene animated

C60 is a carbon based, multi-faceted biological response modifier that may help with a range of health-related issues.

Our products are carefully blended with Australian grown organic oils for maximum bio-availability. Product sold for scientific research.


There ‘is’ a fountain of youth. It is in your mind, in your talents, the creativity you bring into your life and send forth to others… For all else, there is C60.


The Baati Rat Study

In 2012, Dr  Fathi Moussa conducted a study to evaluate the toxicity of C6O on rats.

Not only did they find C6O was not harmful, they discovered it prolonged  the rats life span by almost double. Not just one rat- every rat in the experiment that had been given the C6O.

These results were so incredible it created a lot of skepticism, so an independent group of scientists repeated the study with exactly the same results. Since then the internet has exploded with stories from people that come from all walks of life, exclaiming how much their health has benefited from taking C6O oil.

The Benefits

Possible benefits of using Carbon 60

1) C60 Protects against free radicals
C60 is an incredibly powerful antioxidant and has shown to be 172 times more potent than Vitamin C. Free radicals can react with almost any molecule in your body and potentially damage it before leaving the molecule and going to the next one. C60 prevents age-related decline in mice.

2) C60 Improves longevity
C60 prevents nerve cells from dying by either dehydration or amyloid-beta (causes Alzheimer’s) and allowed mice to live 8 days longer in a 120 day lifetime. Another study found that average lifespan can increase 5-14% even when starting halfway through the lives of mice. The above studies use a derivative of C60 while using actual C60 in olive oil can get 90% increase in lifespan for rats (using a dose of 1.7 mg/kg of body weight twice a month).

3) C60 Prevents Inflammation
By inhibiting IL-1, matrix metalloproteinases, and TNF-alpha, hydroxyl-C60 prevents inflammation in mice.

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Q. What is the difference between pure oils and organically sourced oils?
Q. Are the containers glass or plastic?
Q. Why do we offer C60 in three different carrier oil choices?
Q. How do I decide which oil to choose?

Organic Hemp oil (our recommendation)

This amazing product is made from hemp seeds only. No cannabis leaves of flowers have been used in this process. It contains no active cannabinoids (CBD or THC) and has no psychoactive properties whatsoever. Hemp Seed Oil has 25 times more omega-3 oils and 40 % less saturated fats than either olive or avocado oil. Hemp oil also contains omega-6 GLA (usually found in Evening Primrose oil) and the best ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. A balance of omegas is important to maintain optimum health. This is a cold pressed, organically sourced hemp seed oil that has a rich, nutty aroma.

Organic Olive Oil

Remaining true to the original Paris Batti method, we supply C60 with Organically sourced Olive Oil and its famous purple tint.

Organic Avocado Oil

A lovely amber coloured oil with very similar health benefits to olive oil. According to popular opinion it is the more palatable of the three.


What People Are Saying About C60

“Started C60 3 months ago and already the macular degeneration I have in one eye has been reduced by about half! I am delighted!”
– Denise

“I think I’m been taking C60 about 5 1/2 months now. A lot of changes have happened. My trainer noticed that I’m doing more exercises, harder ones, and faster.  I have more energy. After exercise I don’t experience aches the way I used to.”
– Robert

“I am 70 years old and still work 2 to 3 days a week. Some days I get very tired. Either I am useless for the rest of the day, or I take a nap, but after three weeks taking C60 I can work in the yard or run errands with my wife.”
– Richard

“C60 has helped me with my problem of chronic pain.”
– Ruby

“I have watched and tried so many things to help with my arthritis pain and aging joints. After in-depth research, I had to try C60.. Well, I am here to say the results are astounding and why did I wait so long? I feel young again! I am moving around, no cringing with expected pain.”
– Donald

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